Cure Iritis, Retinitis and Uveitis Completely

Modern medicine develops high technology in some fields. Many people believe it can do everything. So, they pin their hope on modern medicine whenever they get sick. For diseases, such as iritis, retinitis, RP and uveitis, to which there is obviously no hope of cure with modern chemical medicine, they still reckon on it, so that they fight against their diseases for their whole life and eventually fail to escape suffering from lost vision. In fact, things are not all perfect. While modern medicine shows miracle works in some aspects it feels hopeless in treating some illnesses in some other fields.

It is a great pity for that some people are fighting against iritis, retinitis, RP or uveitis with chemical medicine for decades. If they just open a little bit of their mind and pay a little bit effort in looking for other treatments, lucky one coming across to our website , they will enter another world and have another life, enjoying the nature of the beautiful world.

Why modern medicine does not give cure to iritis, retinitis, RP and uveitis? Please pay attention to the treatments you got. When you complain a special illness of your eyes will you get treatment on your liver or treatment on your stomach or, some other treatments? No. All treatments are concentrated on the eyes.

In holistic treatment we considered the whole body as an organized system. Organs are interactive each other. They are communicating through certain channels. Eyes are not isolated organs. Gan (main organ is liver) and Piwei (main organ is stomach) are close relating organs to the eyes. For eyes illnesses we will not just give treatment to the eyes but also Gan, Piwei and others. Cleaning Gan and enhancing the function of Piwei is an important part of the treatment. You will know while your eye illness going away your appetite is improving. By the way, when your appetite is improved you have to control your food, not eat too much.

Of course holistic treatments can be applied in many fields. We concentrate on curing iritis, retinitis, RP and uveitis because modern chemical medicine can not cure those diseases. We fill the gap.

Our unique holistic treatments do cure iritis, retinitis and uveitis completely. Modern medicine diagnoses some of them as genetic, such as retinitis pigmentosa, and telling no cure to them. In our holistic treatment of natural therapies they can be cured thoroughly.

All treatments are natural. They would be Tuina (massage), Qigong, acupressure, moxibustion and elecupuncture. There is no touching to the eyes and their surrounding. Some vegetables (you can get everywhere from a food market) and popular herbals may be applied during the period of the treatment as assistant treatment. You will be told to get them by yourself and take them by instruction.

For curing iritis, retinitis, RP and uveitis, if they are in the early period there will be 3 to 6 treatments. It takes a week or so. If missing the early period and developing spots it could take several weeks and more treatments are needed. For the later situation, inflammation will be removed and spots gone, no more worrying getting worse, but damage left. Some are permanent damage. It can not be recovered perfectly. So, early is important, the earlier the better. The treatments will stop your illness in the first few days and continuously activate your recovery ability. After the treatments there will be one or two months of recovery period. Dead cells will be absorbed gradually. If in the early period you will get rid of it thoroughly in a few days.

In the treatments with modern chemical medicine for iritis, recrudescence is a troublesome problem. While with our unique treatments there is no such problem at all. When it is cured it is gone for ever.

For central retinitis, chemical medicine can cure it, but it takes long time. In the long period of treatment with chemical medicine damage is developing gradually. In most cases vision is defective after the treatment. That is caused by the illness itself, scars and dead cells left. Scars are permanent damage. Patients will feel seeing something like mosquitoes in front. And, with treatment of chemical medicine the illness is easy to come back. And more damage will happened. With our treatment for central retinitis, some patients will obviously feel fog moving away in the next day. Most of the patients will get the strong effect in the third day and completely get rid of it in a week or so. So there is almost no time for inflammation to develop spots, dead cells and scars. As mentioned above, our treatments concentrate on making balance for the body; illness will not come back.

Most problems of uveitis can be cured shortly; some may take a bit longer. If the problem is caused by other diseases there will be other issues at the same time.

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Practitioner: Brian Yan, Registered Natural Therapist Canada,Licensed Holistic Practitioner Toronto,TCM Dr.



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You may find people making discussions about my treatment in the internet. Most of them have iritis. They consulted their doctors. Their doctors told them there was no cure for iritis in the world.  Any one can only do something to control it, but no way to cure it. That is completely wrong. I declare that everything showing in the web site is absolutely true. If they come to me within half a year they will get completely cured in a short time. It is very easy for me in this early period. There was a person got his iritis cured with my treatment in a very short time. He told his doctor he got it cured with natural therapy treatment and he liked to have a check to make it clear. The doctor could not find any problem and then told him: Sorry, I made wrong diagnose >>more